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Japanese Style Spa Tamborine Mountain

Organic Spa & Space Aum Is Your Way to Unwind If You Have Been Looking For a Quality Japanese Style Spa Tamborine Mountain.

Are you ready to put the week behind you and relax in an environment that is designed with every element of comfort in mind? Schedule an appointment with us, the premiere hot spa and sauna Tamborine Mountain. It does not have to be the weekend, you can schedule a massage at our Japanese Style Spa Tamborine Mountain any day of the week.

You do not need an excuse to indulge in the ultimate spa experience, but if you feel like you do need a reason here are four:

  • A massage does more than make a muscle group feel better, a massage releases hormones in the body that reduces depression symptoms and increases the feeling of well-being.

  • Regular massage can improve circulation, posture, skin tone in the area massaged. This is a beauty and health benefit.

  • It gives you an excuse to just stop and slow your mind a moment. In today's world, many people do not know how to simply stop and be. A massage in a spa setting and enjoying the environment and other amenities is a great excuse to put down your phone, cut off from the world and just be for a moment. This is vital for mental health.

  • Once you establish a regular massage as a weekly or monthly habit, it is likely to snowball into other healthy habits like visiting a gym, drinking more water, and being mindful in general.


Contact us to schedule your massage and time in our infrared spa room soon.

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