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Organic Spa Binna Burra

Organic Spa & Space Aum Is Your Organic Spa Binna Burra For All Your Needs.

Do you want to visit an authentic Japanese Style Spa Tamborine Mountain? If you have been looking, the search is over. Imagine complete zen, complete peace, and complete isolation (at least for a moment) from the outside world. A skilled massage therapist will take your tightness, stiffness, and pain away while in our special environment in the organic spa Binna Burra. If you are new to the spa experience you will be delighted at every turn because we take every measure to make you comfortable and we have put much deliberation into the setting, you will discover a whole new environment to relax in right here in Tamborine Mountain. If you are a regular visitor of spas then you will recognize the quality and steps we have taken to make us stand out in the industry and the area.

An infrared hot spa may be just the thing you need to melt the pain out of your muscles and relax your mind. In the summer the heat is effective physically because it facilitates healing and relaxation, even if that seems odd when it is warm out. In the winter though, the healing properties of the heated spa go so much further than physical. There is a condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) that makes people experience real depression during the dimmer colder months. Time spent in our hot spa can effectively prevent this disorder or at least minimize the symptoms. The condition is caused by a mixture of things coming together to put the human hormones off balance. The light and warmth in our spa are counter to the natural winter conditions and extremely important for those who just need to feel brighter.

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