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The world's first dream collaboration will be held at organic aum!


The magical sound played by Kenta Hayashi , a tachyon artist from Japan, and the "sound bath therapy" by the miraculous healing instrument Singing Ring (played by Yukiyo Copley), which was also born in Japan.


An extravagant "sound bath therapy" where you can simultaneously experience the soothing live music of 432Hz and solfeggio frequencies by Kenta Hayashi and the vibrations of the singing ring, the only acoustic instrument in the world that plays all overtones of all frequencies with a single stroke.


In addition to that, Satoko Branston, the owner and therapist of organic aum, has researched and devised a unique technique "∞ Meditation Massage".


And "open-air bath and infrared sauna" in open nature.


And the end, the "a fermented fusion vegetarian lunch" will fill your mind, body, intestines, and soul.


On the day is the end of the Scorpio cycle, Let’s release everything you don’t need held at the sacred mountain Beechmont, which is the mother of the Aborigines.


[Included in Retreat]

・Sound bath therapy 45 minutes

・∞ Meditation massage 45 minutes

・Open-air bath and infrared sauna for 45 minutes


Date: Wednesday 23rd November 2022

Time: 9am - 2pm

Location: Organic aum

Capacity: 6 people

Fee(Includes GST): Early Bird $220 - Until 11th Nov

                                    Normal fee $250   


Kenta Hayashi - Tachyon Musician


After Kenta Hayashi and his instruments got tachyonized in Slovenia, he started his new healing project -Delivering Love & Light to the World via Healing Music-. Now 9 songs in all the Solfeggio Frequencies and 1 song in 432Hz are released. Which were recorded with his tachyonized guitar.


“444Hz tuning. Japanese looper - guitarist and loop pedal ninja KENTA HAYASHI takes the term ‘one man band’to the next level, creating an orchestra of sound by layering vocals, guitar, effects and percussion. The result is a fusion of psychedelic dubbed out journeys surrounded by soundscapes and an overtone of harmonies on a rhythmic foundation - all created live by Kenta through the use of his loop pedal.”


Kenta focuses on the vibration of music.  The vibrations he creates resonate with the natural frequency of the water in our bodies, 444Hz,  like a healing meditational process. Kenta's live show is full of epic tension and release. Big layered build ups and sparse breakdowns with trance-like grooves.  KENTA HAYASHI has been on his World Tour with many shows and festivals through out the year. (35 countries so far in 2022) Europe, U.K, Australia, Asia, American, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala)    Kenta also produces electronic music as he travels the world, he records various sounds (different languages, nature sounds, noises, etc), samples,   combining the powerful energy of his live performance with the endless sonic possibilities of electronic production.

Official Website



Yukiyo Copley - Kin alchemist(Wellness food chef, Sound therapist, Astrologer)


In Japanese Kin means fungi, gold, compatriots, and stars that each person has in the Mayan calendar.

I hope that each and every one of us in the group that is connected by a net like mycelium will become an alchemist and magically enjoy our earthly life.


Sound therapy using Singing Ring®︎, medicine drums, and crystals. The sound waves and vibrations that permeate the cells provide deep relaxation, release stress and cleanse your mind. You will feel your body lightening, regulating the flow of lymph nodes, and activating your immune system.

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